About Us

GenCure is a subsidiary of San Antonio-based nonprofit BioBridge Global.  Its focus is on saving and enhancing lives through the healing power of human cells and tissues.  GenCure enables the development of cell-based therapies by providing cGMP biomanufacturing services.  Working with the BioBridge Global family of companies, GenCure provides access to the infrastructure needs for cell-based therapeutics, with access to Source Materials, Development and Manufacturing Services, Testing, and Logistics Support.

GenCure opened its first pilot-scale facility in January 2018, with 1,200 square feet of clean room space and 800 square feet of process development lab.  Customers have initiated projects in this facility, and the need for additional capacity prompted our second phase of construction.

GenCure opened the first phase of its clinical-scale facility in March 2020, adding 6,700 square feet of clean rooms and 2,500 square feet of process development lab.  We will continue growing and developing to meet the needs of our customers and this ever-changing field.