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Becky Cap, a 20-year veteran of the life sciences industry, was named Chief Operating Officer of San Antonio-based GenCure in February, 2016. GenCure, a subsidiary of BioBridge Global, is focused on providing and developing regenerative medicine and cellular therapy products. GenCure’s mission is to realize the potential of donated human cells and tissue to save and enhance lives.

Cap, a native of Texas, earned a bachelor’s degree from Harvard University. She began her career at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, where she gained clinical, laboratory, and regulatory experience.

While pursuing her MBA at Boston University’s Health Care Management Program, she moved to industry and began working for Eidetics, a consulting firm focused on informing biomedical product development, where her focus was largely on oncology product development. She also has run her own consulting firm and worked with a number of local startups.

Cap has provided strategic guidance for the development of pharmaceuticals and extensive entrepreneurial coaching. She is an active member of local and national committees on Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapy.

Mike has over 25 years in the biotechnology industry as a protein chemist, process biochemist and operations manager.

He has extensive cGMP experience, including experience with facility design, construction and start-up, validation and qualification, process development, analytical methods development, cGMP production and QC testing of clinical-grade materials including vaccines, protein-based cancer therapeutics and cell therapy products.

Mike presently serves as Vice President of Cell Manufacturing at GenCure, a subsidiary of BioBridge Global in San Antonio, TX. GenCure operates a multi-use, cGMP-compliant, contract manufacturing facility designed the development, manufacture and testing of cell therapy products for use in preclinical and early phase human clinical trials.

As Vice President, Mike oversees the ongoing facility operations including; new facility construction, validation, technology transfer, clinical-scale process and analytical methods development, cGMP manufacturing and QC testing of preclinical and clinical-grade cell therapy products. He is also responsible for providing assistance to clients with preparation of regulatory documents and interactions with regulatory agencies.