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Clean room system installed at GenCure biomanufacturing facility

The prefabricated modular clean room system for the GenCure biomanufacturing facility have been delivered and installed.  Manufactured by G-Con Manufacturing Inc., the 14 units were delivered to San Antonio via flatbed trucks and placed inside the facility using a crane and an air-cushioning system.  The system forms the complex of clean rooms that GenCure biomanufacturing will use to expand adult stem cells to assist in medical research and the development of […]

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GenCure announces breakthrough first run of 80-liter bioreactor

August 13, 2019 Biomanufacturing CDMO among first to harvest adult stem cells at large scale In a breakthrough for the regenerative medicine industry, GenCure announced today that its biomanufacturing services team has successfully completed production runs expanding and harvesting human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs) in an 80-liter bioreactor. GenCure, a subsidiary of BioBridge Global (BBG), […]

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Age does matter: Examining CD34+ cell numbers and viability increases in donor-derived peripheral blood stem cells

June 12, 2019 Research by Jessica Parker-Raley, Dalton Agee, Naomi Herrera, Rachel Beddard, Pamela Brown Baer and Rogelio Zamilpa Presented at Childhood Cancer: Research Challenges and the Future of Therapy, March 3-6, 2019 Background/Case Studies: Peripheral blood stem cells (PBSCs) are used as an alternative to bone marrow and cord blood-derived stem cells for treatment […]

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BioBridge Global adds two industry leaders to Regenerative Medicine Advisory Board

May 6, 2019 BioBridge Global  has added two new members to its Regenerative Medicine Advisory Board, a group composed of industry leaders with a wide range of scientific, product development and business experience brought together to support the organization’s continued growth in regenerative medicine BioBridge Global provides a range of products and services in regenerative […]

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RoosterBio and GenCure Sign Multiple Agreements to Advance Regenerative Medicine Startups

April 10, 2019 Multiple deals signed that leverage Plug&Play cGMP hMSC systems across med tech and synthetic biology segments of the regenerative medicine industry. RoosterBio Inc. and GenCure, both regenerative medicine manufacturing technology leaders, have locked into multiple agreements to help companies advance their innovations to clinical testing more rapidly than ever before. Companies across […]

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G-CON Manufacturing to supply PODs for GenCure BioManufacturing Center

March 29, 2019 GenCure has selected G-CON Manufacturing, a major producer of prefabricated, flexible cleanroom solutions, for its new multi-product cellular therapy facility. The new facility, which will anchor the VelocityTX innovation center in San Antonio, will expand capabilities of the GenCure BioManufacturing Center, providing new state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities to support clinical cell therapy trials. […]

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BioBridge Global announces plans for GenCure biomanufacturing facilities at VelocityTX Innovation Center planned for redeveloped Merchant’s Ice complex

San Antonio-based BioBridge Global was announced today as the anchor tenant at the groundbreaking for the VelocityTX innovation center, located in the redeveloped Merchant’s Ice complex at 1304 and 1305 East Houston St. BioBridge Global will lease 21,000 square feet to establish the second phase of its GenCure Biomanufacturing program, initially launched in February of […]

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BioBridge Global Announces Formation Of Regenerative Medicine Advisory Board

BioBridge Global today announced the formation of a new Regenerative Medicine Advisory Board, composed of industry leaders with a wide range of scientific, product development and business experience, to support the organization’s continued growth in regenerative medicine.   BioBridge Global provides a wide range of blood, tissue and cellular source materials, products and services through […]

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How GenCure is Bridging the Gap

Mike Fiske, GenCure vice president, cell manufacturing, talked about the GenCure BioManufacturing Center at a recent meeting of The Blood & Tissue Center Foundation. Fiske, whose primary goal in his first year with GenCure was getting the center up and running, explained the multiple ways the center will assist researchers in developing new therapies using […]

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GenCure Opens BioManufacturing Center for Large-Scale Production of Adult Stem Cells to Support Development of New Cellular Therapies

GenCure, a subsidiary of BioBridge Global, today opened the first phase of a new biomanufacturing center designed to address a critical roadblock slowing the advancement of cellular therapies and the field of regenerative medicine: A lack of access to large-scale stem cell manufacturing and support services required for cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Process)-compliant production of […]

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